About Gras Savoye Gulf

Gras Savoye, A group more than 100 years old

Since its establishment in 1912, the desire to innovate has constantly supported and stimulated the growth of Gras Savoye. It has allowed our group to grow from a simple intermediary, a historical foundation of the brokerage business, to global risk management, guaranteeing clients the most suitable protection of their tangible and intangible assets.
This has allowed Gras Savoye to build a powerful regional and international network, with around 30 offices in France, 5 offices or subsidiaries overseas and 43 offices abroad. Gras Savoye also works with its partners in their international network over 120 countries

Gras Savoye, A relation of trust

The values of Gras Savoye are based on clearly defined principles

A good answer needs a good listener. Gras Savoye is very close to its clients - it appropriates their problems and understands them, in order to find the best adapted, tailor-made solutions.
Professionalism and work ethic
Gras Savoye always demands of itself rigor and transparency, both in the administration of the contracts of its policy-holders and in its remuneration. We believe that our employees remains our ultimate resources that why we constantly invest to improve the skills and the expertise of our staff.
Responsiveness and flexibility
Gras Savoye favors responsiveness and flexibility. In order to meet its clients opportunities, the company is permanently adjusting its services and strategy.

Gras Savoye Gulf, a local partner

Gras Savoye activities in Abu Dhabi are carried out through a Joint Venture partnership with one of the leading families in the Emirate. We have started our operations in 2009 and GSG is today one of Abu Dhabi leading brokers.
We work in the UAE with major local and international insurance companies, but we also access global capacity through our network. GSG completes the important network of Willis Tower Watson in the MENA Region (Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, KSA, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria etc.)We offer our clients in UAE Gras Savoye unique knowledge and experience in the insurance industry as well as an access to our network in the region, in Europe and in Africa.